ShidduchMatch is a platform through which marriage-minded Jews can create profiles and be matched with suitable candidates through a matchmaker.
Our website includes comprehensive profile questions, which touch on key hashkafa issues and religious preferences. The site uses an advanced matching algorithm, which shows the matchmaker compatible matches based on these factors and more. When the matchmaker makes his match, there are a lot of compatibility issues that have already been ironed out. This means more effective matchmaking.
Our website caters to Shomer Shabbat and Shomer Negiah individuals.
ShidduchMatch caters strictly to Yeshivish, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox and Traditional Jews and does not have options for Reform or Conservative clientele.
Profiles are initially visible only to the matchmakers. Once a match is made, the boy can see the girl's profile. If he accepts the match, the girl then sees the boy's profile.
It depends on how many compatible matches we have in our system. Some might be matched more quickly, while for others, it may take longer.
You will receive an email notification.
Besides making the match, the matchmaker is the middle-man between both sides. He contacts you to set up the dates and after each date you report back to him how it went and if you are interested to go out again. Once dating gets serious, contact information is swapped and the matchmaker steps out of the picture.
Yes! Submit the form on our Matchmakers page.
With the help of generous sponsors, we are able to provide eligible couples with paid wedding expenses. This can range from partial financial assistance to a complete wedding. This sponsorship is only for members of our site who get engaged through our site. Once you are engaged, a financial aid application will be available in your account for submission. A copy of tax returns and other financial information is required.
ShidduchMatch is 100% free, with no signup fee, no monthly membership fees and no hidden costs.
Although not mandatory, we appreciate all donations that our members make. They help defray the costs of maintaining our site, as well as help others get married through our Financial Aid Program. These donations are tax-deductible. You can also choose to give a non-tax-deductible, private donation as a gift directly to your matchmaker as a token of appreciation for his or her services. On our donate page, you can choose the cause you want your donation designated to.
Yes! If you are currently dating someone outside of the website, you can prevent receiving matches by clicking on the "Account Active" button on the top right corner once you are logged into My Profile. Just click again when you are ready to receive matches.
Just send us a message and we'll permanently delete your account.