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Register for free and create your account. Fill out our comprehensive questionnaire, which touches on biographical information, education, personality, interests, religious preferences and hashkafa. Once complete, then just wait to be matched.

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Our website uses an advanced matching algorithm that screens user profiles and shows the matchmaker potential matches based on various criteria. Once the matchmaker makes a match, the boy sees the girl’s profile. If he accepts the match, then she sees his profile. If she also accepts, they start dating.

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Our website uses the Orthodox system of dating, which means that there is a matchmaker who is the middle-man between both sides. Contact information entered in the profile is visible only to the matchmaker, who sets up each date and discusses with you how it went.


Financial Aid Program

As a part of ShidduchMatch’s mission to bring couples together and benefit the greater Jewish community, ShidduchMatch has established a Financial Aid Program to provide paid wedding expenses to eligible ShidduchMatch members who get engaged through our site, who cannot otherwise afford getting married. Our funds come from generous donors who support our cause, as well as from donations made from users who get married through our site. Our sponsorship can include the various expenses entailed in a wedding including hall rental, catering, music, flowers, suit and gown. Our resources are currently New York-based and as such, any fully-sponsored wedding must take place in New York. The sponsored expenses including choice of hall and music are subject to the decision of the ShidduchMatch Committee. Partial financial aid is also available for those who are in need of partial funds. Sponsorships are awarded after a screening process based upon demonstrated financial need and the personal circumstances of the applicant. Once a member becomes engaged, the financial aid application will be available for submission in his account.